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Exercice physique

Exercice physique

Physical exercise can contribute to general well-being

Regular physical activity should be an integral part of the treatment for cystic fibrosis (CF) for anyone with this disease, regardless of age and severity of the disease.1 However, this exercise should be done in moderation, and you should discuss all new activities with your doctor or nurse to make sure they are safe and appropriate for you.

It is generally accepted that activities that increase heart rate and improve muscle strength are particularly beneficial for people with VM. This may include running, football, swimming and dancing.2

Some forms of sport may not be suitable for people with VM. Activities at high altitudes (eg skiing) or those with high pressure on the lungs (diving, for example) can be risky.3

When planning a new sport activity, talk to your doctor or nurse first, and think about how to incorporate the activity into your life and routine. It is easier to persevere in activities that are both easy and enjoyable.

Do not forget :

  • It is better to practice a little physical exercise than not at all.
  • Choose an activity that appeals to you and which preferably includes cardiovascular exercises.
  • Remember to do activities with your friends and / or family to support and motivate you.
  • The activities can be spread throughout the day, they do not necessarily have to be all at the same time.
  • Activities that last 15 to 30 minutes are the most suitable. Start your exercises smoothly and gradually increase the pace.
  • If your body tells you that the exercises are too difficult, or too many, slow down or stop.
  • Plan to take your medications, meals and drinks based on your physical activity.

Check the weather when you want to do sports or exercise

People with VMs need to consider the weather, as warm, humid weather can cause dehydration. MV leads to greater loss of salt in sweating. Drink isotonic drinks (for athletes) (drinks containing electrolytes - chemical salts such as sodium andchloride ions that help your cells function) is important to replace salt.


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